Friday, September 4, 2009

You Know You Spend Too Much Time On Etsy When...

I spend a lot of time on etsy... wayeee too much time, not just selling, but buying, chatting, and looking through endless stores and checking sales a billion times, oh and of course the storque..

So I compiled a list of things that are tell tale signs that you spend way too much time on etsy.

1. In chat they have a sensor on certain words in chat.. like ass, and F...
They have creative words like ass= fantastic and the F... word is frell..
If you spend too much time on etsy these words become part of your vocabulary. I caught myself going around saying Frell I forgot my keys in my desk. Oh frell that hurt when I stubbed my toe. I also said I need to get off my fantastic and do some work. Shame on me

2. In chat if you hear a click or a "pound sound" someone either is whispering to you or saying your name in chat. If everytime you hear that noise you think you are in chat..and jump up.. you spend too much time on etsy.

3. Checking sales all the time, or hoping you got a sale, refreshing every 30 seconds
I do this sometime. It has gotten really bad lol. I even dream about selling something. Really bad..

4. This one number 4 is not necessarily a bad thing. If you go out to a retail store like Target or something and you see earrings,or jewelry or anything really and say Oh I can get something better on spend too much time .I do not even buy retail jewelry anymore, I just look on etsy. :)

5. You almost run late to work looking at Etsy shops. This has happened to me. I get so caught up in my etsy browsing that I run late. I have exactly enough time to run out the door and to work on time. I need a 12 step program

Ok I am going to make this blog a bonus. I want some more responses, that are signs you spend way too much time on etsy. Whoevers response is the best wins a free lip balm of your choice!!

So get to thinking and posting!

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