Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lavender Lip Balm-A labor of love

This lip balm is one of my top sellers. I really was just experimenting when I created this as I love lavender and I know it is soothing to chapped skin. I just didn't know how the flavor of lavender would do on lips!
Well I made it and listed it in my shop..and it has been a top seller ever since
I use local beeswax from a fair trade local market, I use the essential oil that is produced locally,and I buy it locally..the shop is very eco friendly and their oils are 100 percent in quality.
Add to this some olive oil..extra virgin olive oil, that has been steeping organic local lavender for 1-2 months in it..outside in the sun to get all the healing powers of lavender into the mix. I use unrefined unprocessed cocoa butter that lends a slight chocolate smell to it but not overpowering,but gives it a smooth base..
My favorite!

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