Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome To Osayin Holistics!

Hello All!
Welcome to Osayin Holistic's blog spot! I am a soaper,herbalist,midwife assistant,and child care provider.
I started Osayin Holistics , about one year ago. Osayin is a diety of herbs, plants, and botanical sciences, since I use all three of these in my work I have decided to name my company after!
I love using essential oils, and herbs especially locally grown and made. I rarely use products that are not made locally unless my area is currently out,
I started making soaps,lotions, and bodyscrubs for myself first as I have love love love scented things , and used to spend all my allowance as a child on them. My friends and family said i should sell them as soon as I was making items as gifts for them.
Now here I am selling on etsy mainly, and in craft shows and farmers markets.

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